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I know that your time is valuable so I will get right to the point.  I'm Michelle R. Brown, EA and I help church finance individuals like you, go from feeling confused and frustrated with what you don't know about church finances, to being more confident in your role while increasing your proficiency and expertise in the church finance realm.  On this site, you will find the ways that I help those who want to serve the local church either as a church staff member or volunteer treasurer, etc.

OR as a bookkeeping/tax professional who serves the local church with outsourced bookkeeping/payroll/compliance services .  Whichever role fits you, we have the help you are looking for. 

 I work with and train church finance individuals JUST LIKE YOU who are struggling with trying to figure out the oh-so confusing nuances of church finances. I train them in all areas of church finance so they have more confidence in their abilities while increasing the value of their expertise. 

If you want to learn more about me, click the button below. If you want more information on what I have to offer....keep scrolling!

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Topics of Learning

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Regardless of your role, I help you overcome your frustration and confusion over church finances so you can become confident in your role and increase your church finance expertise. We offer exceptional training in all areas of church finances all in one place!
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Intro to Church Finances

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"We found Michelle to be both dependable and knowledge in the accounting payroll and taxes for our church. We are 100% satisfied with Hallmark service for Mill Creek Baptist Church."

Mill Creek Baptist Church

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