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QuickBooks Desktop Changes that you need to Know About

Intuit is always changing things, and not always for the best. Many small and medium size churches still use QB Desktop and it has been my software of choice for the last 27 years. Intuit made the announcement this week that they will no longer make the Desktop version available to new customers effective July 31, 2024. As QB Pro Advisors and bookkeeping professionals, we knew it was coming, we just didn't know when. Current subscribers CAN still keep your desktop subscription, you just have to pay an annual fee. The days of purchasing the software and it being a "one and done" are gone.

Interestingly, I have a client who contacted Intuit last week and when they called to discuss their options, the ONLY option they were given was to switch to QBO. I am here to tell you that information is incorrect and simply a sales tactic to sell more QBO subscriptions. You absolutely CAN continue with the Desktop versions of Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Mac Plus and Enhanced Payroll. If you have QB Desktop Enterprise, you may also continue with renewal and it can also be purchased new.

Here's what you need to know if you have one of the older versions of QBDT that are not currently on one of the annual subscription plans, you MUST purchase the Pro, Premier or Mac Plus version that is subscription based BEFORE July 31, 2024. Otherwise, you will lose the option to move to the subscription based desktop versions now available. Also, if you currently have QBDT, but have been considering purchasing the Payroll module, you have to do that BEFORE July 31, 2024 as well.

If you are a currently QBDT customer, you will be notified come February of these changes.

All in all, Intuit ends the letter by stating that we should prepare our clients for the future and get them all transitioned over to QBO. I just don't like that. Even though I am a LONG time QB consumer, I will be looking at options for my church clients. QB is absolutely great for small businesses, but it is not created for the unique needs of church finances.

So here's what I want you to take away from this information:

  1. If you are currently on a subscription-based QBDT product, keep renewing. You do NOT have to change anything (even though your pricing will change).

  2. If you are currently NOT on a subscription-based QBDT product and want to keep using the Desktop version, then you NEED to contact Intuit BEFORE July 31, 2024 (I would do it as soon as possible), and tell them you want to purchase a subscription-based Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Mac Plus to ensure that you get it. Do NOT let them convince you that you can't do that. If they won't do as you requested, hang up the phone and call again and try with another agent.

  3. If you are wanting to add Payroll to your QBDT subscription, call and make that addition as soon as possible to beat the July 31, 2024 deadline. Again, do NOT let the agent tell you that you have to switch to QBO - you. do not.

With all the changes going on in the world in the last 4 years, we need to be able to stick with what we know and with what works - and that's QBDT.

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Dec 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you so much for this information!

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