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Ready to learn more about my Christ-centered, progress-making, peer-led cohort?

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Next Level


THE mastermind group of professional bookkeepers, accountants and tax pros who are also entrepreneurs who love Jesus and want to do business God's way. 

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This COHORT is perfect for you if...

You are overwhelmed trying to figure it all out on your own -- no matter how intelligent, bright and capable you are, but you KNOW that you are ready for the next level in your business. 

You are uncertain if you are doing things the best they could be done and wonder if you're working harder and not smarter.

You feel frustrated by the lack of help in making those all important business decisions and want a trusted advisor and other Christian Entrepreneurs to come along side you who actually understands just what an entrepreneur goes through

You LOVE Jesus and truly want to do business God's way and you've been searching for a Christ-centered business group that also includes praying over you and your business (but not the woo-woo prayers)


So ask yourself...

  • Are you already making some income but you're ready to make more and hit financial goals you believe God has helped you set for your business...AND know something has to change to get you there?


  • Are you ready to finally get the custom coaching with a biblical foundation you need?


  • Are you ready to stand your ground as a legit, successful business owner and network with others who get what you do and why you do it?


  • Are you ready to have someone you can ask questions and get advice from when you need it?


  • Are you ready to use your God-given talents to make a real difference in your client's lives?

I know right where you are...

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There have been many times in my business where I have been stuck at a certain point and just simply didn't know what I needed to do next. 


Where I have felt lonely and not sure where to turn for advice...


Where I have felt frustrated and really needed like-minded coaches and colleagues to help me out because I didn't want the "world's way" of doing things -- I wanted to do things God's way.


After being an entrepreneur for the last 16 years, I've learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn't,  and I want to share that knowledge with you!


I fully believe that had I found a Christ-Centered mastermind group years ago, I would be even further along in business. I also believe that with THIS mastermind group, we can help transform your business into the one you've always dreamed of!


You are not destined to stay stuck and frustrated. There is a way past it...but it will take effort and being willing to try new things.

What you need is a cohort that incorporates strategy, mindset, and community ALL centered around Jesus so you can get the success you are looking for!

          Are you ready for what is next? 


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This mastermind is not like most others. Not only will you have access to me, but you will also be in a group with other amazing business owners who are sharing the same struggles and successes you are! 

So many other programs focus on just one area of your business - marketing, client acquisition, software, organization - and leave you wondering what to do about the rest of your business. 

You may have taken group coaching programs in the past and felt disappointed with the results OR this may be your first time and you're not sure what you think you need.

I don't want you to feel like the problem is you, because that is not the case. You just haven't found the right program.... until now!

This program is comprehensive... it includes everything from Acquisition to ApplicationProcesses to PrayerSoftware to Success! The connections you will make with other entrepreneurs who do the same thing you do, for the same purpose you do, will be a complete game-changer for you AND your business!

                                                              This cohort is what you've been looking for!

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How it Works


The commitment is 12 months at a time. This allows you long enough to make the changes you need to make to really measure your progress and implement lasting change. 

There will be a variety of trainings offered once a month - things like getting clarity on who your Ideal Client is (your ICA), technology, SOP's, marketing, client engagement, Biblical business principals and more! We will customize the trainings and guest teachers to the groups needs. 

Ongoing support AFTER you get clarity on the changes you need to make is what will make the difference. And... if you get off course, you have time to get back on before the end of the year!


Whether it's talking things through with each other, or with our Father in Heaven, communication is key to understanding our needs and receiving direction on which way we should go in our business. We are here to help with BOTH of those avenues. Prayer is vital to our success and we want to help you achieve and receive all the blessings God has for you and your business.  



You will find other incredible business owners in this cohort. There will be bookkeepers, accountants and tax professionals who want to link arms with other believers to create success God's way.  This is absolutely NOT a competition for clients as everyone will sign a Confidentiality Agreement as we are here to help each other grow their businesses. I promise you.... there ARE enough clients to go around. 

If you are ready to see measurable growth in the next year but need help putting the right steps into place so you don't end up overwhelmed and burnt out, then check out below to see exactly what you'll get.

Same great Cohort, two different options!


During your 12 months in the Bookkeepers' Next Level Cohort, you'll get everything above with the Core Cohort, or if you need more intensive support, you get everything above plus 1-on-1 coaching to help you even more. 

What You Get with Premier...
  • With Bookkeepers' Next Level Premier  you will have a private Slack channel with me. This allows for regular weekday communication Monday through Thursday to get your questions answered, discuss strategy and make headway.  We can also decide if you need to jump on a 911 Zoom call to help with those issues that just can't be addressed without a more personal touch.

  • You will also be able to submit any assets for review whenever you need a 2nd (or 3rd) set of eyes. Whether it's a client engagement letter, onboarding checklist, or disengagement letter, you will submit it through our process and get suggestions returned to you!


If you are ready to embark on a journey of having a group of Godly entrepreneurs to walk along side you in your business while being intentional in placing God at the center of everything you do, AND simultaneously making a positive impact on the world, then you have come to the right place. Together, we can navigate the challenges, overcome obstacles, and create a Kingdom impact that aligns with your faith and purpose. Let's take this exciting step forward together!

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Our definition of Success:

 A continuing desire to be the person God calls us to be and to achieve the goals He has helped us set. ​

Now it is time to join the...

Join today with a 12-month commitment to receive the absolute best pricing and get the most from what this mastermind has to offer!
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Entrepreneurship is not about making money.

It's making the world a better place because YOU and YOUR Business existed. 

It's making an impact and not just an income. 

It's a calling to
serve others and represent Christ well.

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