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Welcome Friend!

I know that your time is valuable so I will get right to the point.  I'm Michelle R. Brown, EA and I want to help you go from feeling like you are doing this solopreneur thing alone, to having a group of Godly women to walk along side you and help you with their experience, expertise and wisdom. 

As you already know.... nobody knows it all! No matter how long you've been in business, we ALL could learn something new to help us do what we do even better. 

Over the last few years, I have taken courses on

  • Growing a million dollar firm

  • Creating courses & memberships

  • Building an email list

  • Systems to help scale your business

  • Podcasting

  • Getting clarification on what you feel God has called you to do

  • Coaching & Consulting

  • QBO courses for churches

  • QuickBooks Clean-ups

  • Non-profit accounting

  • How to do Diagnostic Reviews of a potential clients books

and others!  (We won't even ask how many of those I have actually completed!)

All of those courses, PLUS nearly 1,000 hours of continuing education in tax updates & ethics. If you add it all up, I've spent approximately $20,000 trying to learn how to start-up and efficiently run a bookkeeping and tax preparation business! 

(WOW! That was a staggering # to me when I actually looked it up!!) I have SO much information and knowledge to share, and I want to share that with you.


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Entrepreneurship is not about making money.

It's making the world a better place because YOU and YOUR Business existed. 

It's making an impact and not just an income. 

It's a calling to
serve others and represent Christ well.

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Are you tired of Google searches that result in endless pages of answers to all your questions about how to start a bookkeeping business or side hustle?

Need help with getting the right processes and procedures in place for your business?

Looking for a group of like-minded female believers & entrepreneurs who understand your desire to do business God's way? 

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you are in your small group setting at church and they ask for prayer requests and praises and you SO want to request prayer for a business decision you need to make or announce a moment of celebration for a business success.... but you don't because it just doesn't' feel like the right place? And you're not sure WHERE that right place is because most people don't get it??

Then Friend, This Cohort is for You!

   if you’re still doing business solo with no peers,             no support, no one to link arms with ……               YOU ARE MISSING OUT! 

I'm here to help you build your dream biz. You DON'T have to do it alone! My mission is to help female entrepreneurs unapologetically do business God's way and grow a successful bookkeeping business they feel good about and that helps make the world a better place. Whether you are wanting to grown a million dollar firm or just want a nice side hustle for extra money, if you are ready to walk out the calling the Lord has on your life and your business AND serve Him with excellence - then you are definitely in the right place!

If this sounds like THE group for you.... click this button to take that first step!

Free Resources

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Book Recommendations

My favorite things to talk about are Jesus, Business and Books!

This page is dedicated to my FAVORITE books!

The titles included have had a major impact on me in some way and therefore, they have also had an impact on my business.


Podcast Episodes

In this podcast, you will find practical AND biblically based business solutions for your church office or bookkeeping business that serves churches . 


Bible Verses

There are over 2,300 verses in the Bible on money and work. God has a lot to say on the subject. As business owners who want to do business God's way, we need to know what He has to say about it. Let's take a look at a few...

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